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About Amazing Excel: 

Amazing Excel is a place to learn basics of Microsoft Excel. It hosts articles about MS Excel in most easier way. 

Here, one can find following: 

1. MS Excel tutorials

2. Tips on some important MS Excel functions

3. List of Shortcuts which can be very helpful while working at office

4. Easy to use Downloadable templates 


Our Story: 

The Amazing journey of Amazing Excel started off on one fine day when we went to an Excel training program sponsored by our employer. The two day training session was really awesome and we learnt many features of MS Excel which we had never heard of until our graduation. 

The quest for exploring MS Excel continued even after the training got over. We went deep inside the ocean called MS Excel and tried to find out its Amazing features and functions. 

Then suddenly a question came to our minds:

What if our company did not sponsor that training session?

We would be facing a lot of difficulties while working at office with MS Excel if we were not given that chance of the attending the training program. 

While talking this with our friends, we could find that many of our friends, who have joined their jobs, are facing challenges with MS Excel. Most people are not able to work OR not able to do it efficiently while working with MS Excel. It was then they used to ask us the solutions to their challendges. We used to write the solution on email / notebook to them in very easy and simple way. 

Then we decided to make these learnings available not only to our friends but to everybody. 

We decided to write the blog then…. And thus "Amazing Excel" was born. 

We are very proud that thousands of friends from many countries are taking advantage of this easy to understand tutorial of MS Excel we have provided on this website. 

We are always available on info@amazingexcel.com for all types of MS Excel queries. 

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