Financial Dashboard for your Business

Financial Dashboard for your Business

Name: Financial Dashboard

Description: Financial Dashboard provides a platform to input data of all your sales product for each month. Based on your data it will create a chart for individual products. You can Track your Sales if it is over budget or Under Budget. It covers all parameters like Sales, Operating Cost, Marketing Expense, Cost of Goods, Research and Development Expense.

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How to Use Solver Add-in to Solve Equations in Excel?

solver add-in to solve equations in Excel

Explain Solver add-in in excel:

Have you done the reverse calculation? I am sure you must have done it. For example, we all calculate passing mark requirement before final semester exam. What we do is to sum of the first and second-semester result and then subtract it from passing mark requirement. We do it many times on a day to day life. Now EXCEL can help us to do it in a faster way using SOLVER ADD-IN!!

Excel provides a tool called solver add-in which is used to find optimal solutions to various problems. It does reverse calculation and provide us best solution. SOLVER Add-in is very useful in solving equations.

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3 Ways to Handle Unwanted Errors in Excel

handle unwanted Errors in Excel

It is important to have an error-free worksheet, which can be presented in a better way. But if it is not possible, we must try that we can choose to hide Errors, so it does not affect the appearance of the worksheet.

Many times it is required to know if the cell is containing error or not. We may want to display the specific message if the cells are with an error. To count the total number of error in the range of cell, countif or sumif function is used.

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