Share and Link Excel data with Word document


If you need to include Excel data in Word document, then this post is for you. You can also create Link with Excel which will update data in word simultaneously.

Copy and Paste data

1. For example, we have some data in table format in Excel

2. Simply use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy excel data in Word.


Paste as Link:

You need to paste data in word which is linked with Excel, which means any change in Excel data should also occur in Microsoft word

To do this, execute following steps

1. Same as Above, Copy data in Excel

In word document, Go to Home->Paste and Select Paste Special.In Paste Special dialog box, Select Paste Link and Click OK.

Now if you change any value in Excel data, it will reflect in Word document. Let's change value of B3 from 65 to 80.

Result: In word document the data is changed.

Share and Protect

If you can not see change updated in Word, then right click on table and select Update Link. That will Update the data in word.

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2 thoughts on “Share and Link Excel data with Word document

  1. I have tried this but in word file, data are updated after clicking on update link available in right click at table of word file.

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