Set Print Area to print exactly what you want


Excel includes many printing options; you can use that option to print the spreadsheet in a way you like. If you need to print only the specific part of spreadsheet, uses Print Area function of excel.

Steps to set Print Area:

1. Select the range of the cell which you want to print.

2. On the Page Layout tab, click Print Area, from the drop down list click on Set Print Area.

Result: – You can see the dotted line of range selection.

3. Give the Print command (Ctrl + P). OR Go to the File Menu and click on print button for print preview mode.

Add Print Area

Once we set the print area, if we want to add adjacent cells then we can add using Add Print Area command.

On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to add to the existing print area.

NOTE: If the cells that you want to add are not adjacent to the existing print area, an additional print area is created. Each print area in a worksheet is printed as a separate page. Only adjacent cells can be added to an existing print area.

For example, we set the print the area from A40:I44, Now we can add adjacent cells A45:I47 in the print area.

To Add Print Area, Go to Page Layout tab; click Print Area, from the drop down list click on Add to Print Area

Clear Print Area:

Click anywhere on the worksheet and Go To Page Layout tab, click Print Area, From the drop down list click on Clear Print Area.

Note: If your worksheet has multiple print areas, Clear Print Area will remove all the print areas on your worksheet.

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