Select and Delete all blank cells using Go to Special feature


If you have long list of data that contains many blank rows, which you want to delete, then this post will be useful to you.

We can quickly select all blank rows using "Go To Special" and then simply delete it.

1. In this example, we don't have marks for all students. We would like to delete all that data with blank cells.

2. Select table, Go to Home-> Find & Select-> Go To Special

3. In Go To Special dialog box, Select Blanks and click OK.

4. Excel will highlight all blank rows in selected table.

5. Right click on active cell and select "Delete".

6. In Delete dialog box select Entire row and click OK.

Result: All blank rows are deleted.

Note: Use this feature for small table where you notice deletion of data. The reason is that if large data table containing only one blank cell, the entire row will be deleted.For large table, to remove only entire blank rows read this: Quickly remove all blank rows from large data tables

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3 thoughts on “Select and Delete all blank cells using Go to Special feature

  1. We can use Filter as well.

    Filter with Blank and then delete all those rows.

    It will be column specific and hence will not have the risk of deleting any other row which has a blank in other column.


  2. Dear Madam,

    the file on which I am working is having more than 6 to 7 columns and some of the cells in each row are empty. The above comand is selecting all the empty cells so I am unable to delete the entire row. I have some rows which are entirely empty. Request you to please suggest solution to delete the rows which are entirly empty.

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