Round numbers with Round Function


It is necessary to use proper Number format while working with Numbers in Excel. We can increase and Decrease decimal places without changing the Number. Check here article about How to use proper Decimal places using Number Format in Excel. We can also use ROUND function for the same.

How to use ROUND functions in excel?

The ROUND function rounds the given number up to specified decimal places.


               =ROUND( number, num_digits )

number: The given  number.

num_digits: The number of decimal places to round to.


positive num_digits: value means rounding the digits to right of decimal point.

num_digits value of 0 means rounding to nearest integer.

negative num_digits means rounding the digits to left of decimal point.




How to use ROUNDDOWN function?

The ROUNDDOWN function rounds the number  to zero to a specified number of decimal places.


               =ROUNDDOWN( number, num_digits )





How to use ROUNDUP function?

The ROUNDUP function rounds the number away from zero to a specified number of decimal places.


               =ROUNDUP( number, num_digits )




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