5 Tips you must know before printing large spreadsheet


Let's say you are working with a large spreadsheet and when you print your workbook, it uses many papers and still you don't get the results you want.You want to print using minimum pages which covers all useful information

Let's see how we can use the print features in excel.

We have the large spreadsheet with 2000 rows and 12 wide columns. Now if we print directly without changing any printing parameter it takes 344 papers and still we don't get the appropriate print.

Press Ctrl+P and click on Preview (Excel 2007)

Download file: Tips to Print large spreadsheet

Print Preview:

Let's see how we can use printing option to reduce paper.

1. Hide Rows and Columns which are not required: Before going ahead, first check that if all the columns and rows are required for printing. May be some of the columns with calculations or extra information are not required to print.

Here we hide last column which reduces page numbers to 258 from 344.

Adjust Row and Column width: If the column titles are larger than required adjust column width to remove extra space. You can use the Autofit Column width option.

2. Change the Orientation of Page-Portrait /Landscape

If you have many columns which cannot be fitted in portrait mode, use Landscape orientation.If you have few columns then Portrait orientation will be more useful. 

Changing orientation will also reduce no of papers required from 258 to 236.

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3. Fit data in one page across

It is important that we see all the columns data in one pageto get the overall details.

To set page size, Go to Page layout-> In Scale to fit group, set Width:1 Page and Height: Automatic.(Excel 2007 and 2010)

For earlier version you can set page layout using page setup.

Excel will automatically set the each column width to manage data in one page.It will drastically reduce the page Numbers for printing. Here you can see the no of page reduces from 236 to 19.

If it is not possible to set page width in one page across, you can use Page break to decide where you want to split data to another page. Read more: How to use page breaks for perfect printing?

4. Set Margins: To set the margins Go to Page Setup->Margins in print preview mode.

Set the margins from all borders. It will reduce the free space around the page. You can also align the page in the centre of the page.

For example, we have set all margins and header –Footer area to 0.5.

5. Print Titles: Provide Row and Column titles to give the meaning of each page of print.

Method 1: Go to Page layout-> Select Print Titles

Method 2: In Print Preview mode, Go to Page Setup and select Sheet Tab.

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General Tips you should be aware of:

-If it is large spreadsheet then A4 size paper may not show correct result. If A3 size is available then choose A3 paper size. (Print Preview-> Page setup-> In Page Tab select Paper size as A3)

-Select option of Printing both side of paper which will reduce 50% of Total papers used. (Go Green!)

-If your data table does not have borders then choose the option of Gridlines.(Print Preview-> Page setup->Sheet Tab, click on check box of Gridlines)

-Provide you company logo, Page Numbers and Date in Header and Footer.

Read more:5 Steps to Customize your Header and Footer

After doing this your worksheet is now ready for printing with minimum paper with great results.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips you must know before printing large spreadsheet

  1. sometimes when I print the workbook, each cell comes in one single page even the size of the cell is small. How is that possible ? pls help me

  2. If you want to say that, excel is printing each cell on separate page, then there may be multiple reasons behind that. you can try this solutions.

    1. Check if your default printer is set to fax device or not. If yes then change it to required printer.

    2. Reset all the page Breaks from the sheet. Read more:http://amazingexcel.com/how-to-use-page-breaks-for-perfect-printing/

    3. Set Print area and then give print option Read more: http://amazingexcel.com/set-print-area-to-print-exactly-what-you-want/

    4. If this all options doesnt work then there may be the problem with printer properties when you are using Terminal services. Check here for details: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;979163

    Further, if problem still persists you can send your worksheet to info@amazingexcel.com. We will surely try our best to solve your issue.

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