Prepare Monthly/Weekly report using Pivot Tables


Let's create monthly/weekly or quarterly report using Group Dates feature of Pivot Table

We assume that you know how to create Pivot Tables. (If you don't know, check this Link-How to Create Pivot Table?)

For example, We have the database in which we have details of product sold in different cities. Now we want to create report which analyse the performance of the product monthly or weekly.

Download example here to understand and try by yourself- Pivot-Tables

1. We have created field list as shown below. If you want to group data based on Date (i.e. Monthly or Weekly), put Date Field in Row Label List.

2. Pivot Table will be created with the amount of product sold in each city every day.

3. Now click any cell in Date field and right click on it. Select Group.

4.Group by Months:

Groupingdialog box will open.Starting and Ending Date will appear automatically.Select Months and click OK.

5. Result:Database will be grouped by Months.

6. Group by Year.

In Grouping dialog box, select Years to group by year. Same way select Quarter to generate report on quarterly bases.

Select Years and Quarter both to further detailing the database.

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