Paste Special tricks


A. Paste data as Values: Quickly copy and paste only values and not formula using simple keyboard shortcut.

If you are using Excel 2010 or above, then simple shortcut can be used for paste data as Values

1. Select your data. Press Ctrl+C

2. Press Menu key (After right side Ctrl key) and Press V. (Read more: Right click using keyboard and not mouse)


+ V


For Excel 2007,

1. Select your data. Press Ctrl+C.

2. Press Menu key or right click from mouse, Press S, and then V. Click OK in Past Special dialog box.



+ S + V


Same way, we can copy and use paste special features using listed shortcuts.

Paste only formulas: Menu key+ s + f

Paste only Validation: Menu key+ s+ n

Paste Column width: Menu key+ s + w

B. Remove dropdown list in cell using shortcut

Generally whenever we come across dropdown in cell, and we want to remove it we follow long method. We go to data validation and specify to allow any value. Here is the easy method to do it using paste special.

Simple copy any cell without dropdown list. Select cell with dropdown list.

Press Menu key from key board (For right click), then press s(Paste Special shortcut) and then n(Validation shortcut)

Paste only Validation: Menu key+ s + n

See this demo:

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