Keyboard shortcuts-Useful Excel Tips for evaluation of formulas


1. F9 key: Evaluate selected portion of your formula

If you are entering a large formula and you want to evaluate part of it, F9 key can be very useful.

Select portion of your formula that you want to evaluate and press F9.


You can see that "4" will be the result of selected formula

Note: Make it sure that all brackets are complete in selected portion of formula

2. Ctrl + ` : Show formulas

To see all formula used in Worksheet, Press Ctrl+` (key above Tab). Ctrl+` can be use to on/off show mode of formulas.This shortcut will be very helpful while explaining worksheet to others.

3. Evaluate Formula: Alt + T,U,F

For quickly evaluate you large and tough formula, Press Alt + T, then U and F.

It will launch dialog box of Evaluate formula

1. To show the key tips, press ALT or F10.,

2. For example, to select the Insert tab, press n.

3. For example, to insert a column chart, press c.

4. To insert a stacked 2-D Column chart, press →, and press Enter.


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