Keyboard shortcut for writing better formulas


1. Sum formulas

Quickly insert a Sum function using Alt +=

2. Ctrl + d

Quickly fill a formula down select next two cells and press Ctrl+d

3. F2 key-Edit a formula cell

When you select a cell and press F2 key, excel allow you to edit value/formula

4. F3 key: Paste Name in to formula or dropdown list

When you have lot of names in a workbook, it is possible to forget some of them.

Whenever you want to use Name, Press F3

It displays dialog box for defined Names or Range Name for that workbook. It can be inserted in formulas or for dropdown list in Data validation

5. Use Tab key

Press Tab to go to next right cell

Press Shift+Tab to go to previous left cell

Use tab to AutoComplete formulas. When you start entering formula, Excel suggests related formulas. Select required formula and press Tab to use it

6. Paste Only Formulas using shortcut Alt+E then S and F. It is used to copy only formula and not source formats such as fill color or text style.

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Create Chart using Keyboard shortcut

To create chart using keyboard shortcut select data range and press F11.


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