How to Sum(Total) Values?



To get the January total, click in cell B7, and then:

1. On the Home tab, click the Sum button in the Editing group.

2. A color marquee surrounds the cells in the formula, and the formula appears in cell B7.

3. Press ENTER to display the result in cell B7.

4. Click in cell B7 to display the formula in the formula bar.

To add up the total of expenses for January, you don't have to type all those values again. Instead, you can use a prewritten formula, called a function.

You can get the January total in cell B7 by clicking Sumsum1 in the Editing group on the Home tab. This enters the SUM function, which adds up all the values in a range of cells. To save time, use this function whenever you have more than a few values to add up, so that you don't have to type the formula.

Pressing ENTER displays the SUM function result 95.94 in cell B7. The formula =SUM(B3:B6) appears in the formula bar whenever you click in cell B7.

The Sum button is also on the Formulas tab.

Combination of different functions :Click here

Check for other formulas: Click here

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