How to sort data in Excel worksheet?


Sorting data is useful to visualize and organize data clearly.

In excel, we can do sorting for following types:

Let's understand how to do sorting in our data.

Sort Text in Alphabetical Order in Column

We have data with Name, expenses for month Jan-Apr and birthdate

To sort data with Name, select any cell in A column and Go to Home-> In editing group, Select Sort & Filter and click on Sort A to Z

To sort in reverse order, select option, Sort Z to A.

Result: Data is sorted in Alphabetical order.

Sort data in rows:

Select data which you want to sort in rows.

For Example, we have data in row with expense of Jan month.

To arrange data from lowest to highest values, select data range. Do not select row headings.

Go to Home-> In Editing group, under Sort & Filter, select Custom sort.

In Sort dialog box click on Options and select option "Sort left to right". Click OK.

Select row in which you want to sort your data.


Sort Date or time:

In above example select any cell with in Date column and repeat the same procedure.

Go to Home->Editing group, Select Sort and Filter->Sort A to Z (To reverse order select Sort Z to A)

Result: Data is sorted date wise.

You can sort values using same method.

Sort with cell color or font color:

If you have data with conditional formatting or in which different color have been used to distinguish data, you can sort data with specified font color or fill color.

1. To do this, select any cell from the data range.

Go to Home->Sort & Filter -> Custom Sort

2. In dialog box, Under Sort by box, select column you want to sort.

Under Sort on, select the type of Sort, specify color in order box.

To specify the next cell color, Add Level and select the cell color.

Result: Colour data is sorted and appear at the top of data.

Sort by more than one column or row

We can sort data multiple levels in columns and row. That means that we can again apply Sort in already sorted list.

To do this, select a cell in data range and go to Home->Sort & Filter -> Custom Sort


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