How to Share a Workbook and track changes in Excel


Sharing a workbook will be very helpful when several people are working on same excel file. Share workbook allows people to work in group. It allows editing the contents simultaneously.

For example, if the people in your work group handle several projects and need to know the status of each other's projects, the group can use a shared workbook to track the status of all the projects. All persons involved can then enter the information for their projects in the same workbook

Tip: To share a workbook, it should be saved in network location where other people can open it.

As the owner of shared workbook, you can manage it by removing users from the shared workbook and Accept or Reject changes made by others.

To share a workbook, execute following steps.

1. Go to Review tab-> Share Workbook

2. On the editing tab, click checkbox and click OK.

Now your workbook has been shared and other people will be able to edit the contents

Screen above shows who has opened this workbook now.


To highlight changes made by others, Go to Review tab->Track Changes

Select Highlight Changes

It will open dialog box for Highlight Changes. Click OK for default features.

Result: Excel highlights changes on screen.

Accept/Reject Changes

As owner of Shard workbook, you can accept or reject changes done by others.

Go to Review tab-> Track Changes

Select Accept/Reject Changes.

Check the dialog box for options or Click OK for default feature.

It opens dialog box to Accept or Reject Changes. It displays the changes done by whom and what.

Click Accept to accept the changes or Reject to reject the changes.

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2 thoughts on “How to Share a Workbook and track changes in Excel

  1. Hi Ankita, your blog seems really helpful. One suggestion: you could mention what MS Office version you are using so it will be easier to check if the info pertains to what one needs. I can see the "Review" tab in MS Excel 2007 but I guess it's not there in MS Excel 2003. So how do I go about to track changes in MS Excel 2003? Thanks in advance.

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