How to set page layout for perfect printing?


Many times the files are large, and you are not able to print the worksheet properly. Here are the some short tricks to give the print properly.

Steps to formatting an excel file to print:

Open excel file which you want to print.  Press the Print command (Ctrl + P) and click on Page setup. 

1. Page

Orientation – Choose the option according to your worksheet – Landscape / Portrait

Scaling – If you want to fit all the content in one page or more than one page just type the range of the page in which you want to fit your content by using fit to option and if you want to adjust manually then you can use the adjust option.

Print worksheet in a single page across: To print data in a single page across

print in one page

For Excel 2007 and later, this option is also available in Page Layout Tab. Set width 1 page and Height as Automatic

Fit in one page

Paper size – According to your printer set the page size. Normally in all printers it is A4 size paper.

Page setup

Margins – You can set the page margin from top, bottom, left, right, header and footer. You can also see the preview in the box. From centre of the page option you can set the page horizontally, and vertically.

Set Margins

Header/Footer – You can use any options like, add a page number, name of the sheet or location of the worksheet. You can also add the worksheet name by doing a custom footer. 

Note: - If the margins are too small, a header or footer may overlap data, so be sure to leave enough margins.

Remarks: - For further details about header and footer please see our older post - How to add Header and Footer



Rows to repeat at top – this is where you can select column headings to print on every page. 

Read more : How to print Titles (Top row) on every page?

Print Titles

Gridlines – If cell border is missing in your data you can provide it by clicking Gridlines. All cells will be individually separated using gridlines.


Click on Black and White to print in black and white.

Black and white print

Click on Row and Column Heading to add the heading of the rows and column.

Row and Column print in Headings


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