How to password protect excel file?


Protect your worksheet by providing password. By doing this, we can protect workbook from accidently changing or deleting important data.We can protect workbook with or without using password.  

Execute following steps to provide password at time of opening a workbook.

Excel 2007 | Excel 2010

Excel 2007

1. Click Microsoft office button, Go to Prepare->Encrypt Document

2. Provide password and click OK. Confirm password again.

Note: Remember your password or write it down somewhere, because if you forget it, there is no way to recover it again.

3. Save file using Ctrl + S. Open file again.

4. Excel will ask for password to open it.

Excel 2010

1. Go to File-> Info. Click on Protect workbook and Select Encrypt with password.

2. Dialog box will open to provide you password. Click OK.

3. Confirm your password and click OK.

4. Your file is protected now. Save and close file.

When you open file again, excel will prompt for the password.

Note: Be careful in writing your password. Passwords are case-sensitive. If any case you forget the password, it cannot be recovered. So keep a list of password in a safe place.

See this video for better understanding and clarity:

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