How to Customize Ribbon in excel 2010?


In Microsoft Excel 2010 and above, now you can create your own customized ribbon. You can add commands which you require most. You can also customize the existing Ribbon Tabs. This makes user friendly version of Microsoft Excel.

The following are the steps that show how to customize the ribbon.


1. The following figure shows the ribbon.


2. Right click anywhere on the ribbon and select customize ribbon option.

Customize Ribbon

3. In Excel Options dialog box, select the New Tab option.

Add Commands in Tab


4. Select the command you want to add to the tab.

Add Commands


5. Now Rename the new tab by selecting the Rename option. Click OK.

Rename Tab

6. Now you can see the Customized Tab in your Ribbon. So make your own Tab and have fun with it!!

Customize Ribbon

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