How to convert data from text to columns in excel?


Data can be easily converted from text to columns in excel using the "text to column" option.


Let us see the following example to understand it in detail.

In this example, location column city and state are listed together. Let's Separate it in two columns using "text to column" option.

1. Select the column and Goto Data-> Text to Columns.


2. It will option "Convert Text to Columns Wizard" Dialog box.

There are two options available.

1. Delimited- Separate the Columns based on Commas or tabs.

2. Fixed width- Separate columns based on space between two text.


3. Select the Delimiter based on your data to separate data in different field.

You can also see the Data Preview in below window.


4. Select suitable Data format from General, Text or Date and click Finish.Also select Destination cell where you want to get the data.


Result: Location and State are separated in different Columns.



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