How to attach any file from folder in Excel workbook


We can insert a file into an Excel worksheet as an attachment. That file can be a word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel workbook, PDF or any other format.

1. For inserting another file in to excel worksheet, Go to Insert-> Object

2. In Create from File tab, click on Browse and select file which you want to attach. Turn on checkbox of Display as icon and click OK.

You can change the caption of new file by clicking on Change icon.

Result: Your file is now as an attachment to Excel worksheet.

There is another option of "Link to file".

Difference between the two options is as follows.

1. Link to file: If you click on it, it will just link to the original file and any changes to this file will be shown to Linked files. It has not embedded whole file, so size would remain same as of original file. But while linking file, it would automatically take the path of that file, so if file location is changed then Linking would disappear.

2. Display as icon: It will Display the icon and you can change the Caption of it.

* Note: If you unclick on "Link to file" then whole file would be embedded into the original file. And file location problem can be negated.


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