How to edit multiple worksheets at the same time?


If you want to edit multiple worksheet at the same time, you can group worksheets by selecting multiple worksheets.Any changes made in the one worksheet in the group will be made in every worksheet in the group.You can also format or print worksheets at the same time.

Let's see an example.

I have three worksheets named Maths, Science and English.

I want to put column of Serial no 1 to 10 in each worksheet.

1. To group worksheet, hold down CTRL and select the sheets you want to group.

You can see that three worksheets are selected.

2. Release CTRL button and write in Active sheet.


Check in other sheets. Science and English sheet will also have list of Sr No

3 To ungroup, right click one of the sheet tabs and click Ungroup Sheets or click any sheet tab outside the group. For example,select sheet4, which is not in the group.

To see the application of Group worksheet, see this video. It works for all the versions of Excel.

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