How to enter Fractions in Excel worksheet?


If you directly enter any fraction value (ex. 2/9) in cell, excel will consider it as date (2-Sep).

To enter the fraction, type "0 2/9" in cell.

2. To apply fraction format, select cell, right click and then click Format cells.

Here excel has selected Up to one digit Type. Generally Excel will automatically select the type of fraction (Up to one digit or Up to two digits

3. Excel rounds your fraction if it cannot display the right fraction. For example, if you type 4/13 into cell A1 (with the Up to one digit type applied), Excel displays 1/3. The formula bar always shows the correct decimal value.

Change the type to "Up to two digits".

If you want to enter 4/123 then change format type to "Up to three digits".

If you type 0 4/13 in new cell, then excel automatically takes two digit value.

4. Excel always reduces a fraction to its smallest denominator. If you enter 2/8 , excel converts it to 1/4. If you want to fix denominator as 8 then select Type as "As Eighths (2/8)"

5. Sometimes, we cannot find the right denominator for fraction. For example, we want to display 40/50, but excel converts it to 4/5. Now "As fiftieth (25/50)" type is not available.

Create a Custom Number format as #??/50 to fix this.

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