Financial Dashboard for your Business


Name: Financial Dashboard

Description: Financial Dashboard provides platform to input data of all your sales product for each month. Based on your data it will create chart for individual products. You can Track your Sales if it is over budget or Under Budget. It covers all parameters like Sales,Operating Cost, Marketing Expense, Cost of Goods, Research and Development Expense.

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2 thoughts on “Financial Dashboard for your Business

  1. Excel templates are great because they can be applied to different business scenarios and be reused time and time again. Sometimes, one of your business templates may need some minor tweaks to better suit your current purposes, but having a good template on hand will save you a lot of time and effort. What s better than a reusable Excel template? Perhaps a dashboard template . On the high end of templates are dashboards, which take your data and push them into cool looking charts and gauges that help measure progress.

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