Create your own Autofill List to Quickly fill Series!!


Custom list is useful when you have to use some data repeatedly in your work. With the help of Custom list you can easily fill the range of data. There is no need to type the whole list again and again. It also helps reduce errors.

We already have some default list in Excel like January, February, March and so on…


Type January in A1 cell, drag the cell.

Custom List

Custom List1

To create this kind of custom list follow the below steps:


1. Click on the File tab – options.

Custom List2

2.  Select the Advance option and click on Edit Custom Lists under General group.

Custom List3

3. Type your custom list – Click on ADD button to add the list and press OK.

Custom List4

4. Now, whenever you type Ahmedabad and drag the cell the whole list will appear.

Custom List5

5. Even you can import the custom list from the worksheet also.

Custom List6

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