Create your first Chart!!


It is difficult to interpret workbook with lot of data. Charts illustrate workbook data graphically which is useful in visualizing trends. Charts also help to compare data easily.

Insert Chart | Provide Axis Titles | Chart Design and Layout

Insert Chart:

1. Select data for which you want to prepare chart

2. Go to Insert->in charts group select Column, Select chart type from provided options. Here we select 2-D Column chart

3. Result:Your 2-D Column chart is ready

Provide Axis Title:

1. To provide title to the axis, select chart, Go to Layout->Axis Titles. Choose the required axis title

2. Double click the placeholder and begin typing. Same way we can add Vertical Axis title also.

Chart Design and Layout

Quickly change the design of your chart, select chart Go to Design-> From Chart layouts, select any predefined chart layout.

It will display Data table below the chart. Adjust the width of chart to see data properly.

You can also include style of your chart which makes it look better. Go to Design Tab and select from predefined chart styles.

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