Create New Document (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) in Excel worksheet


You can insert word page in excel for future reference. For example, you want to write some notes in your excel worksheet, which will be easy to write in word format beacause writing in excel will have an extra effort of merging cells and formatting. You can display it as an icon or just word doc.

1. For creating new document Go to Insert-> Object

Select the type of file(Word, Powerpoint, Excel) you want to insert.

Here we select "Microsoft Word Document" from Object type.

It will create new word document in Excel. Write the content you want to write.

After writing contents, selecting any other cell will close editable version of word.

You can edit it again by double clicking on it.

If you want to embed word as icon, click on Display as iconcheckbox in Object dialog box.

Click on Change iconto displayed word icon and Caption for the document. Click OK two times.

Word document will open. Write your text and close it.

Result: You can see the word document has been embedded in the Excel.

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  1. Best site ever seen to learn Excel online…

    Very systematic & Easy to understand. Explanation with Excel Snapshot ensures that we make no mistake while practising…

    Keep it up…

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