Create Formula in Excel


To create Formula in excel is very easy.

Let’s start with formula for summing two values


1. Type the formula in cell C6.

 2. Press ENTER to display the formula result.

 3. Any time you click in cell C6, the formula appears in the formula bar.

The two CDs purchased in February cost $12.99 and $16.99. The total of these two values is the CD expense for the month.

You can add these values in Excel by typing a simple formula into cell C6.

Excel formulas always begin with an equal sign (=). Here's the formula typed into cell C6 to add 12.99 and 16.99:


The plus sign (+) is a math operator that tells Excel to add the values. Check for other Math Operator.

If you wonder later on how you got this result, the formula is visible in the formula bar  near the top of the worksheet whenever you click in cell C6 again.

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