Create a sequential list with blanks in between


You can create a sequential list for numerical value or date or time by providing gaps between two cells.

Sequential list for Date:

Example: We want 1-1-2013 in cell A1 and 2-1-2013 in cell A4 keeping two cells blank in between and so on.

For this,

1. Select the cell and provide first two dates providing blanks between them. For Example, write first two dates in cell A1 and A4.






2. Now, Select cells from A2 to A4 and Drag the fill handle.When you drag till cell A7, It will show the date 03-01-2013








3. Continue dragging the fill handle,till you reach the last date.

Create a series in alternate cell

Follow the same method to create series of alternate numbers.

Provide first sample numbers in cell A1 and C1. Then skiping first cell and select cell from B1 to C1. Then drag the fill handle in horizontal way. It show Numerical when you reach to cell E1.






Continue dragging fill handle till you reach to required number then drop the fill handle.

Your series in alternate cell will be ready.



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