Count List Items using Pivot Table summary Calculation


Pivot Tables are very useful in analyzing and calculating different fields in large database.

We can easily count number of products sold or fetch the maximum value from large database. Average of the multiple values can be calculated using Pivot Table.

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We have the database of one of the section(Vegetable-fruits)- of big mall, which includes the different fruits and vegetable sold in different cities on each day. Pivot Table is comprising of 200 rows of data with No, Product, Category, City, Amount and Date field.

Download Example:Pivot-Tables

Here we have the summary of each product and Total amount Values.

Now we want to calculate number of days when particular products have been sold.

1. To do this, select any cell from Total field and right click to select Value Field Settings.

2. In Value Field Settings dialog box, Select sand click OK

3. It will count the number of days when each product had been sold.

3. Same way, select Average to get the average value of each product.

4. Select Max to get the highest sold amount of each product.

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