Count: The COUNT function returns the total number of cells that contain numbers.This count includes both Numbers and Dates.

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=COUNT( value1, [value2], … )

Where the arguments, value1, [value2], etc. can be any values or references to cell ranges.

Example 1: The following example returns the number of Numeric values in a given range.

Example 2: The following example count Numeric Values in range A1: A4 and B1:B2.

COUNTIF: The Excel Countif function returns the number of cells (of a supplied range), that satisfy a given criteria.


=COUNTIF( range, criteria )

Where range: The range of cells which is tested against the given criteria.

Criteria: The condition which needs to be tested against each cell in the range.

Note: If your criteria is a text string or an expression then it should be enclosed in double quotes. Also the Excel SUMIF function is not case-sensitive.


Formula: =COUNTIF( range, criteria )

COUNTIFS: The Excel COUNTIFS function takes in one or more cell range and returns the total counts if criteria is satisfied.


=COUNTIFS( criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], … )

Where criteria_range1: Arrays of values (or ranges of cells containing values) to be tested against the respective criteria1, criteria2, … (The supplied criteria_range arrays must all have the same length)

criteria1: The conditions to be tested against the values in criteria_range1, [criteria_range2], …

Example 1: The following example shows the use of COUNTIFS function.

In this example we want to count the no of persons which satisfy this two criteria.

1. Person should be female.

2. Grade should be <=D which is between A to C.

Check example to understand how to use the formula.

Formula used: COUNTIFS( criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], … )

Example 2: Count the total no of students who have failed in the exam."*male" is used to find the cells which ends with male.



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