Combine two charts to compare data easily


A combination chart is a chart that combines two or more chart types in a single chart. It is useful to create charts that compare different types of data.

For example, you might want to compare the number of product sold with the profit margin.We can make two different charts one for product sold and one for profit margin. But it will be challenging to analyse and compare two charts separately. We would rather create a single chart that incorporates both data sets.

Follow these steps to create Combination chart:

1. Select data and Go to Insert-> Select Column chart.

2. Column chart will be prepared.

3. Now, Select the column for which you want to change chart type. In this example, we want to show trendline (Line chart) for Profit. So right click on red column and select Format Data Series.

4. Select Secondary Axis option button

5. Again right click on red column and select Change Series Chart Type.

6. Select the chart type you want. Here we select Line with Markers chart type.

Result: Combination chart is ready.

Change chart design, Layout and provide axis titles to make it look awesome.

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