Allow user to edit a specific range (cells) in protected sheet


Excel offers you an ability to assign user-level permissions to different areas on a protected worksheet. You can specify which users can edit a particular range while the worksheet is protected. This will allow user to edit particular range and lock all other cells of worksheet. The other way around, if you want to lock specific cells and allow user to edit all other cells then read this: How to Lock specific cells from editing in Excel?

1. For example, you want to allow user to edit range A2:A9 which is Name column and protect all other cells of this worksheet

2. Select range A2:A9

3. Go to Review-> Changes field, select Allow Users to Edit Ranges.

4. Excel will launch dialog box. Generally excel will automatically takes the selected range. If not, click on New and Select required range for editing in protected sheet. You can add more than one range.

5. To provide password, click on Protect Sheet.

Provide password and click on check box for the things you want to allow users to do.

6. Confirm Password and click OK.

Result:You can now edit cells from A2 to A9. Here we have changed name from Ankita to Ankita Shah. But if you try to edit any other cell, excel will display an error message

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2 thoughts on “Allow user to edit a specific range (cells) in protected sheet

  1. Hi,

    In my worksheet, there are columns with formulas meant for only calcualtion. What steps can be followed if i want to protect & hide those columns as the same time.

  2. Hi Rachana, If you want to hide your formula calulation follow this steps.

    1. Select the cells with formula, Right click on it and select Format cells

    2. In format cells dialogue box, In Protection Tab, check mark on hidden and Locked.

    3. Go to review-> protect sheet and provide password to protect your sheet.

    Now your sheet is password protected with formula hidden.

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