Add or Delete Textbox in Excel


Textbox can be useful to provide comments, description or to add an extra note related to the excel worksheet.Text box can be linked to particular cell and macro can be assigned to text box to run VBA code.

To insert text box, execute the following steps.

1) On the Insert tab, click Text box.

2) Click in the worksheet, and then drag to draw the text box the size that you want

3) To add text, double click the text box and then type or paste text.

4) To change the position of the text box, select text box and when the pointer changes to  sign 1, drag the text box to a new location.

5) Use Home-> Font group to format text, change font and fill colour in text box. You can set alignment of text from Home->Alignment group

6) Select Text box and go to Format Tab in the ribbon to format the text box. Shape style and shape effects can be changed to highlight the textbox.

7) Same way, we can also use beautiful word style to make your data presentable. Use the Word Art Styles group on the Format tab.

8) If more than two shapes (Image, textbox or shapes) are present at the same place in document we can choose to which shape to show in front or back. To arrange text box Go to Format Tab-> In Arrange group, select Bring Forward or Send Backward as required.

You can rotate text box using Rotate option

9) To manually change the size Go to Format tab-> Size group. Define Height and width of text box.

10) To delete the text box, click on any border, right click and select Cut.

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