Add frequently used Commands to Quick Access Toolbar for Easy Access


We use some commands of Excel more often then other. Quick Access Toolbar provides us easy access of most frequently used commands. Excel also provide feature of customization of Quick Access Toolbar. Here is the way to customize and create your own customized toolbar.

Follow this steps to Customize Quick Access Toolbar in the ribbon.

1. Quick Access Toolbar is the bar at the Top of Excel above Ribbon.

Quick Access 1

2. Click on the Down Arrow and Select More Commands.

Quick Access 2

3. In Excel Options dialog box, select Quick Access Toolbar. Then select commands from Left side and Add it to the Right side box. Click OK.

Quick Access 3

4. You can see that Quick Access Toolbar is now customized with you added command.

Quick Access 4

5. If you want to display Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon, click on the checkbox as shown in

Quick Access 5

6. Quick Access Toolbar is shown below the Ribbon.

Quick Access 6

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